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Holualoa Organic is a GOCA certified 16 acre organic farm located on the slopes of Mount Hualalai in the heart of the Kona Coffee district.  Our Kona Mountain Organic coffee is meticulously hand picked by our dedicated farm members.  Each order is custom roasted, packaged and shipped the same day for ultimate freshness.

All of our premium coffee costs $24/pound

Bulk packaging or individual one pound retail "stay-fresh" bags are available at no extra cost.

Light Roast 1lb


Light brown in color and lacking oils on the surface the light roast is often a favorite as it shows off the mild and smooth true flavor of Kona coffee.  Often preferred by coinsures this roast reveals the true quality of the bean. Exposing off tastes in inferior coffees, Kona coffee makes this roast a true pleasure to drink, a testiment to the quality and smoothness of Kona coffee

Medium Roast 1lb


Light brown in color with a stronger flavor, this roast also yields a non oily bean while providing a more carmalized and aromatic coffee.  High in caffeine the medium roast is also a preferred roast by many coffee drinkers, particularly those focused on waking up and getting a jump start on their day. Plenty true flavors are still present but with the added aroma of  a slightly darker roast.

Dark Roast 1lb


A personal favorite of our family the full city roast is a medium to dark roast which results in a rich dark bean with slight surface oils.  A happy medium of flavors with a slightly reduced caffeine content, The full city roast is truly aromatic with a bittersweet aftertaste.

Espresso Roast 1lb


Also known as a French roast or espresso roast, the dark roast results in a highly carmalized, shiny black bean covered in oils.  The dark roast has reduced acidity, bold earthy flavor, with a bitterness that many consider to be very pleasant.  This roast contains the least amount of caffeine a property many people appreciate, especially those sensitive to caffeine, but helplessly in love with coffees unique aromatic earthy flavors.


  •  $5 for a single 1lb. bag  (no po boxes)         
  •  $11 flat rate shipping for up to 6 pounds; any USA address by priority mail (no po boxes)
  •  $14 flat rate shipping for 7 to 10 pounds; any USA address by priority mail (no po boxes)